Aren’t We Glad FulpTube is Dead


Let’s face the facts. FulpTube absolutely fucking sucked. You’d hate to hear it, but there was a reason for the close, and there’s a reason it won’t come back. So let’s go over them.

It really did fucking suck

There were about 9000 different bugs or annoyances at any given moment during the site’s history. It wasn’t anywhere near “accurate” and barely felt 2013E. It was a piece of shit to maintain and I never had motivation to maintain it anyway.

No one cared

I dare you to find more than 2 high effort FulpTube videos. Why? Because they don’t exist. FulpTube was the bottomless shitposting pit where everyone threw whatever the fuck was in their “awesome reddit 243893539 memes” folder onto the site.

It was overshadowed

Every time another video sharing site released, everyone flocked over to it instantly, leaving FulpTube desolate and deserted. Not to mention it was like that all the time anyway, just more so whenever something else happened.

So, will you stop asking me for the fucking source code now?